• RadionovAS1 4 года назад
    Отличное кресло-стул.
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    На спинке стула текстура тайлится?
    • Donnerjack 4 года назад
      артефакт боксмаппинга. если вы про шов. но если внимательно посмотреть на оригинал, увидите тоже самое. это следы от клейки массивных щитов.
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    Огонь стул) Спасибо)
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    Комментарий удален
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    Четко сработано
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BassamFellows Mantis Lounge Chairpro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Рендер: Vray
Размер: 28 MB
Дата: 2016.05.01 14:41
Формфактор: Квадрат
Стиль: Этнический
Материал: Дерево Кожа
описание модели

http://www.bassamfellows.com/entry.html?id=47  CB-250 Mantis Lounge Chair W 27 1/2 D 23 1/2 H 26 3/8 SH 14 7/8 AH 22 1/8 W 69.8 D 59.7cm H 67 cm SH 37.8cm AH 56.2cm MANTIS SIDE & LOUNGE CHAIRS Inspired by the noble praying mantis, the signature stance and powerful limbs of this chair offers a study in contrasts. Strong and elegant, sharp and curved, thick and thin the Mantis is sturdy and solid, yet visually light. Designer Craig Bassam conceived the chair to be a new American classic, an object that possessed measurable gravitas and wasnt overly indebted to the classic dining chairs associated with mid-century Europe. From certain angles, the Mantis Chair feels almost like a piece of sculpture. Carved entirely from solid wood, it is a new alternative to the classic and indestructible courthouse chair. Unlike many of its predecessors, however, comfort is at the forefront, with a commodious, ergonomically shaped seat. A hand-stitched leather cushion can be added to amplify both comfort and luxury. True to BassamFellows luxurious but authentic vision, each chair is unique and finishes never mask the natural beauty of the wood. Hence, the solid wood patinas beautifully with age (joints reinforced by steel pins ensure strength and durability) and each chair will last generations - a true 21st century heirloom. While the Mantis may be thought of as an exotic species, this chair tends to look right at home wherever it is placed, both in contemporary and traditional interiors, and residential and contract applications. Its no surprise that the striking piece has registered with architects and editors the chair was selected for Paris Rem Koolhaas designed Le Dauphine Restaurant and Wallpaper* Magazines W* House proving, perhaps unsurprisingly, that this new American classic has acquired an international fan base. The model is based on the original manufacturer dimensions and technical data. Materials and groups are named the same, as the model. Instance geometry, one multi-submaterial for model for easy change or setup. Lowpoly geometry for turbosmooth. Object at 0.0.0, clean and light scene. The archive contains the OBJ & 3DS file & more previews.