Corona Batch Image Editor GUI⁣

                                    Corona Batch Image Editor GUI⁣
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  • This is a 3dsMax script can batch process images from different folders and with different file types (EXR and CXR) using config files that can be generated with Corona Image Editor or Corona frame buffer.⁣ ⁣ version 1.20 update: added naming pattern definition using the wildcard character "*" and "?" for different config file setup with multiple filenames on the list (requested) added support for corona 3.0, 4.0 and above notes:⁣ for this script to work you need Corona renderer installed.⁣ No need for corona to install in the default directory. this script can find corona installation directory by itself.⁣ it will save each processed files in the same directory of that original photos. So, if you have files from multiple different folders they will be saved on those folders. ⁣ you can choose your desired file type for output file as well.⁣ it will process all render elements but I may add an option to choose elements for each file in the future.⁣ ⁣ installation:⁣ just extract the zip file in 3dsMax root folder then restart 3dsMax and find the script on "MOHSENI" category in "customize user interface > toolbars" and drag it to a toolbar of your choice. ⁣ optional: restart max one more time.⁣ video of script: 
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