Custom brick wall 8K

                                    Custom brick wall 8K
  • 3dsMax 2016 + obj (Vray)
  • 126.17 MB
  • 2019.10.14 08:25
  • Этнический
  • collection, brick, wall, brickwork, stone, masonry, field, ladrillo, campo, custom
  • Realistic model of brick wall. This model has an alpha map, which allows the creation of brick walls of different shades or colors, without affecting the concrete. The model can be used for renders closeup. Materials prepared for vray. Textures of 8192x8192 pixels, tileable. Dimensions: 2.08x2.08m, heigh 0.03m. Maps: -diffuse -map of normals (x2) -normalized -displacement Who works with V-Ray version lower than 3.1, pay attention to materials section BRDF (Microfaset GTR (GGX)), if your version is older than 3.1 - this section will be empty, and you have to choose: Blinn, Ward or Phong, d dependence on material
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