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gamfratesi balance mobilepro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Рендер: Vray
Размер: 4 MB
Дата: 2018.02.25 22:46
Стиль: Современный
Материал: Металл Ткань
описание модели

This is high poly mobile Rendered in vray. Stack not collapsed. Textures included. Model tested checkmate light program. 3ds, fbx, obj files exported without meshsmooth modifier. No hidden objects All objects groupped All objects have materials No missing textures and texture paths cleared All objects have 1:1 scale Model have lights and cameras , just open max file and Click render and you have same image as preview. File have gamma 1.0 Unit scale cm 1:1 Model optimised for rendering in 3ds max and v-ray, in other programs may adjust materials and lighting, Balance mobile // CAPPELLINI 2014 For us, as for most people, each day is a research to find balance in life. The product is meant to remind us of that. Mobiles in the tradition of Alexander Calder hung from the ceiling, dividing through modern partitions the space into smaller intimate areas. The Mobile is designed to create the layout exhibition during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2014 in relation to the Guest of Honor Nomination. The project aims to industrialize these artistic sculptures, through the industrialization of modular components. The physical balance of the elements allows the composition with different number oftextile"petals", giving the possibility to create several configurations. The Balancesystem combine textiles and metal elements. In addition to being sculptural and room dividers, the mobiles are also sound absorbers a feature which is invaluable in a space. 61432 polys