Grass | Eco parking

                                    Grass | Eco parking
  • 3dsMax 2016 + obj (Corona)
  • 74.63 MB
  • 2019.06.30 20:45
  • Современный
  • grass, parking, square, plate, plant, sidewalk, scatter, landscape, meadow, landscape design, lawn, greenery, eco
  • Grass & Eco-parking for the landscaping Design. The scene contains: -Eco-tiles, -Ground mesh, -Corona scatter for grass ground, -Corona scatter for Eco-parking, Corona scatter with settings for individual plants Saved screen of Corona Scatter settings, See them in the folder :) --------------------------------- In the archive: 3Dmax 2016 (Corona)+OBJ+MTL & Textures. --------------------------------- For all questions about the model, please contact us with a personal message.
150 руб.

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