LANX Minimalist OLED Table Lamp 3D model

                                    LANX Minimalist OLED Table Lamp 3D model
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Corona)
  • 3.75 MB
  • 2018.06.14 06:45
  • Современный
  • table lamp, oled, lanx
  • Lanx is a table lamp as a light source that uses the OLED, one of the characteristics of this new and innovative technology is the extreme thinness.The lamp is made of aluminum foil with a thickness of 3 mm veneer with sheets of walnut and subsequently folded. This structure is very thin and light allows to house both the OLED that the power cables. The result is a lamp ethereal, by the thin profile. Composed of 3mm thick aluminum sheets and a super slim OLED light, the highlight of the Lanx lamp is its extreme thinness. Its bare, minimal aesthetic is contrasted with a warm wood veneer, making it a perfect desktop lamp for modern and traditional spaces alike.
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