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Longhi Mi Sofapro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Рендер: Corona
Размер: 81 MB
Дата: 2019.12.05 06:41
Формфактор: Прямоугольник
Стиль: Современный
Материал: Ткань Кожа
описание модели

Longhi Mi Sofa art. W 543 Ben Wu Structure in various woods, with the insertion into the base of special PVC slats that replace the traditional elastic bands making the seat last longer, more stable and more resistant. The seat is in triple density medium/firm polyurethane foam with a rounded Memory Foam surface. Backrest and armrest cushions are in two layers of medium/soft polyurethane foam. The piece is covered with a joined resin liner for a pleasantly soft surface. The metal base is painted in the colours bronze or black. External armrests are wrapped in an elegant laser cut folded metal strip, available in the following galvanised finishes: bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold, Black Rose gold. Given the particular assembly of the product, the upholstery is not removable. DIMENSIONS W400 L180 H70 cm poly 1060567 verts 645280 The file created in 3ds max 2013 and can be opened in any compatible packages. Archive includes files with the extention .max, .fbx, .obj witn Corona renderer materials. (+max 2016) Using: Open the file by double-clicking the left mouse button, and enjoy )) For use in a scene, use the command: File - Merge (File - Import for .obj, etc)


longhi, mi, pillow, modul