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    Установка - распаковываем - перетаскиваем во вьюпорт или запускаем через run script. Затем ищем в категории # Scripts (MW_RoofGen), назначаем на панель/горячую клавишу/quad menu
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    thanks full
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Платформа: Script
Размер: 2 KB
Дата: 2019.08.04 02:54
Стиль: Современный
описание модели

http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/mw-roofgen  MW RoofGen is a Maxscript for quickly and easily generating accurate hipped roof geometry from a border spline and roof angle. While every endevour is made for it to be usable in every situation, it does have its limitations with more complex shapes. That being said, as long as your creating a realistic type of roof, and not smiley face roofs (although I have had success) it should work well, just give it a try! Version 1.3 -Added ability to work with a few splines -Fixed some bags and errors -Just need to select required splines -Result to converted to EditablePoly -No cupping in the bottom of the roofs -Roofs created in positions of the splines by height Version Requirement: tested in 3ds Max 2014