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Правила использования моделей

Пуф NIDUS by Maxaltopro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Рендер: Corona
Размер: 66 MB
Дата: 2020.03.03 18:24
Формфактор: Круг
Стиль: Современный
Материал: Ткань
описание модели

NIDUS | Pouf By Maxalto https://www.archiproducts.com/en/products/maxalto/upholstered-round-fabric-pouf-nidus-pouf_336993  Nidus Type Upholstered round fabric pouf Materials Fabric Designers Antonio Citterio Design Year 2018 The Nidus collection of upholstered furniture was inspired by the precise need to create a series of formal proposals with a relaxed feel, for moments of socialising and conversation in a harmonious, relaxed setting.‎ Antonio Citterio has achieved this objective by paying great attention to structural details like the embracing shape of the curved sofas, available in two sizes.‎ Together with the absence of arms and the high back, this solution makes it possible to bring people together in a fresh, relaxed and unusual way.‎ This extrovert approach is also embodied by the armchairs, offered in three versions, only one of which with arms, intended as items to be arranged freely.‎ All the Nidus pieces can be complemented by a comfy removable headrest, and have feet upholstered in the same fabric or leather as the seats, with the addition of a small metal detail at the base that is decorative and also guarantees protection against impacts.‎ Other models: https://3ddd.ru/user/models