Studio inventive suspension

                                    Studio inventive suspension
  • 3dsMax 2016 + fbx (Vray)
  • 43.36 MB
  • 2019.11.10 00:24
  • Современный
  • habitat, studio, inventive
  • The Studio suspension by Inventive is dressed in a fabric playing with transparencies for a soft and homogeneous light. Inventive is a new lighting brand focused on decoration and architecture. It is a reflection of a new way of treating light, the infinite possibilities of LED, in all its forms. Brossier Saderne, recognized manufacturer of decorative luminaires and Avionstudio design agency have worked together to create a brand developing sharp techniques and strong design, which are both inventive building elements. Respond to uses, produce the right light in the right place, in the most elegant way possible, such is the editorial line of inventive. Dimensions : H.15 x D.60 cm
150 руб.

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