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Tealight Lantern + Stand | Vintage lamp postfree



Платформа: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Рендер: Vray
Размер: 7 MB
Дата: 2018.04.27 01:26
Стиль: Классический
Материал: Металл Стекло
описание модели

LANTERN W75 x D75 x H170 • mm STAND H230 (Ø100) • mm CANDLE HOLDER / CASE H12.7 (Ø38) • H0.5" (Ø1.5") • poly-carbonate cup H19 (Ø38) • H0.75" (Ø1.5") • aluminium case TEA LIGHT CANDLES (mm) H9 (Ø36.6) • in polycarbonate cup H17 (Ø36.5) • in aluminium case Material Library + Maps: 0.3MB • Max file: 4.6MB (uncompressed) • 2011, 2014 Object file: 11MB (uncompressed) • FBX file: 2MB (uncompressed) • Tealight sizes referenced from saveoncrafts. A modern take on a classic~vintage design; tabletop European style iron lantern based on antique street lamp posts. Keywords from online retailers: Wedding dinner decor, wedding centrepiece, romantic wedding decoration, valentine, wedding gift https://www.save-on-crafts.com/te1.html  https://www.save-on-crafts.com/tealight-candles-50.html  N.B. Full range of materials are provided in material library and in max file, assigned to instanced objects; exported formats does not have unnecessary duplicates. TAKE NOTE: The melted wax materials are slightly different from the ones I have provided with the Crosby Lanterns; 2 new hues added here (Vanilla, Mint / Ocean), referenced from aroma scented candles. If you like this product, please rate it. Thank you!