VERSATILE WALL TILES by Yigit Ozer_2
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 12.48 MB
  • 2019.08.21 23:15
  • Современный
  • панель, стеновая, сегмент, лепнина, изголовье, бетон, оформление, лофт, декор
  • Geometric freedom The Alhambra, the world-famous Moorish fortress in Granada in Spain, possesses highly expressive examples of oriental ornamentation. Various forms of ceramic tiles create walls and ceilings filled with artistic decorations that immediately cast a spell on the visitor. The design of the Versatile ceramic tile collection springs from such expressiveness in an extremely innovative way. Considered individually, the tiles are three-dimensional and structural elements which can be combined on a wall to create incisive motifs. It is fascinating how the play of light on the Versatile tiles gives rooms an impressive depth. Another important characteristic is the haptic nature of their surface. The tiles feel soft so that one wants to touch them. Versatile tiles give planners and architects alike plenty of scope for creativity as they open up a wide range of uses. Axis are decorative tiles that form part of the innovative Versatile tile collection. They are characterised by a flowing S and offer a wide range of creative possibilities for individual applications. httpswww.5election.com20100426versatile-wall-tiles-by-yigit-ozer-for-kutahya-seramik
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