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Collection of chandeliers Matthew; Delightfull; Lampatron; Lee Broompro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Рендер: Vray
Размер: 6 MB
Дата: 2020.03.23 00:49
Формфактор: Круг
Стиль: Современный
Материал: Металл Стекло
описание модели

Collection of chandeliers Matthew; Delightfull; Lampatron; Lee Broom 1 Suspended chandelier CASCADIA C3 Matthew Mccormick Height 344 cm Width 29 mm A homage to nature and its effortless beauty, McCormick’s Cascadia pendant takes its name from the Canadian Cascade mountains.? Inspired by British Columbia’s white-capped mountain range and organic flow of waterways that carve down the province’s west coast, McCormick’s aim was to elevate the distinctive glow of his artisanal, hand-created glass tubing and design a new modular pendant system of infinite permutations, highlighting an aesthetic of simplicity.? Cascadia is an expansion of the technique McCormick used to create his popular Dawn chandelier, re-imagined through the use of its custom-made LED tubing and the beautiful, opaline glow it emits.? Distinguished by its slender shape and the soft gradation of light from its hand-made, artisan glass tubing,Cascadia pendants are articulated and finished by its hand-polished metal fitting.? The soft glow of the pendant is achieved through an opaline LED hue, balanced by the more industrial look of the metallic accents.? Whether hanging alone as a delicate fixture over a bedside table, undulating over a dining table or cascading down a grand stairwell in a showering effect, the technical precision of Cascadia cohesivelytranslates into in a piece that is both contemporary and timeless This chandelier can be ordered here. https://www.archiproducts.com/ru/продукты/matthew-mccormick/подвеснои-светильник-cascadia_384159 2 Suspended chandelier Delightfull IKE PENDANT Sizes Height 26 cm Diameter 5 cm Pendant lamp from the IKE collection is made of metal. Glossy metal ceiling lamp in black with gold inset. This chandelier can be found on this site. https://www.de-light.ru/catalog/delightfull/podvesnoy..  Подвесной светильник Delightfull IKE PENDANT www.de-light.ru https://www.de-light.ru/catalog/delightfull/podvesnoy_svetilnik-ike_pendant-ike/  3 Suspended lamp STONE MARBLE Lampatron Sizes Height 39 cm Diameter 7 cm Marble suspension lamp This chandelier can be found on this site. https://www.lampatron.ru/cat/item/design-lamps-stone-marble/  4 Pendant lamp HAKON A Lampatron Sizes Height 33 cm Width 36 cm Pendant chandelier in the Scandinavian style with frosted balloons This chandelier can be found on this site. https://www.lampatron.ru/cat/item/design-lamps-hakon-a/  5 Suspended chandelier Lee Broom ORION GLOBE LIGHT POLISHED GOLD Sizes Height 92 cm Diameter 13 cm This chandelier can be found on this site. http://leebroom.com/lighting/orion-globe-light-polished-gold/#image-4