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Meissen Couture Chandelier Cascade de luxepro

150 ₽


Платформа: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Рендер: Vray
Размер: 6 MB
Дата: 2015.08.28 15:29
Формфактор: Круг
Стиль: Этнический
Материал: Пластик
описание модели

http://www.meissen.com/en/products/chandelier-cascade-de-luxe  Meissen Couture Home Collection Chandelier Cascade de luxe The epitome of this exclusive atmosphere is the handcrafted and unique chandelier CASCADE – made of so-called white gold: porcelain. The delicate elements made from bisque porcelain make this a particularly special decorative piece. Thanks to the lithophany used in the design, it produces an intimate light. The long tradition of using lithophany has been interpreted in a modern way for this chandelier. The MEISSEN® Crossed Swords are embossed in the form of tendrils across the porcelain pieces and are encased in a handcrafted gold frame. The particular power of expression of the MEISSEN® figures and sculptures is also reflected in the sophisticated porcelain elements. The lightness, elegance and three-dimensionality of porcelain is perfectly showcased here. The design is completed by the mount, a rod set with half cylinders made from bisque porcelain whose length can be customised to meet individual needs. The canopy imitates the cascade design of the chandelier and is also made from bisque porcelain. Dimensions (H): 306 cm. The model is based on the original manufacturer dimensions and technical data. Materials and groups are named the same, as the model. Instance geometry, one multi-submaterial for model for easy change or setup. Object at 0.0.0, clean and light scene.