Learn Corona Render- professional level

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Hello, I hope all are doing well

I am looking for a 1-1 course so someone could teach me to render in corona with 3ds max.

(Currently I am working with 3Ds Max 2022 and Corona Render 7)

I am using Corona render quite a lot, I do pretty good renders but I want to take it to an another level :) 

I use 3Ds Max and Corona for furniture modeling and rendering,

I want:

         -To learn to create materials (fabrics, leather, wood...) in Slate Material Editor

         -To render high quality interior scenes with nice lighting (not white burned spots)

         -To render high quality exterior scenes with nice lighting.

Most important I want to achieve Realism.

If anyone would be interested to teach me please send me an email or a private message.

Thank you very much. 


the photos attached are what I am kind of looking for to achieve the end results.

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