Proxel Lens Corrector for Adobe Photoshop v1.2

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класный плагин для фотошоп исправляет абберацию ваших линз, рыбий глаз, и мн. др

the Photoshop plugin Proxel Lens Corrector corrects your lens aberrations; barrel, pin cushion, fish eye, translation or a combination of all.
The main advantages of the tool compared to the competition are:
- You can correct any lens you own, including e.g. third party wide angle converters.
- You can easily make high-quality measurements yourself, i.e. the result is not based on manual tweaking...
- The canvas size is increased for full quality of your pictures, i.e. no down-scaling of the picture. Canvas resizing is very rare for Photoshop plugins. (Because of this the plugin has to be started from the File→Automate menu.)
- You can measure and correct all parameters – e.g. correct a non-centered and distorted fish eye.
- You get both 8 and 16 bit color depth support.

More features:
- State of the art lens calibration tool; easy and fast to use.
- Calibration result stored in calibration files.
- Easy to use and understand GUI (Graphical User Interface).
- Fast and high quality correction of the images.  
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