Flat|2 is interior project in Rostov-on-Don. ABOUT. Project Flat|2 is an apartment located in Beregovaya st. 6 in Rostov-on-Don. The apartment is located on the 6th floor and has an area of 46 sq.m. The apartment is well lit by daylight, because all the windows face south. CONCEPT. Our client, a young man from Rostov, wanted a space that was as convenient and adaptable as possible for different activities. Due to the small area, the main task of designing the space was to correctly place all the storage systems without sacrificing usable space. Therefore, during the design process, two main zones were distinguished - private and public. The private area (bedroom and workplace) is separated from the public area by milk glass, forming a kind of integral white "box". The public area is a single space for relaxation, hospitality and remote work. For example, the dining table can be used both for its intended purpose and for brief work on the laptop. The seating area, because of the large number of houseplants, is an ideal place to meditate and read books. Our client consciously gave up the television in favor of this way of spending time. And of course it is impossible not to mention the choice of color scheme. These are the bright accents of blue and yellow, which have already become our studio's signature colors, making the space even more unique. 

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