Важно! Требования к оформлению тем (3D WIP)

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Artanna2   зайти в раздел, создать тему, выложить картинки возможно настройки того с чем не можете разобраться. дальше по ситуации
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за обман с работами в галерее.(работа с самолетом не ваша)

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Quote from CrAsssH :

Update 04/24/2018

Rules for this section:

- This section is intended for work in progress, where you display the progress of work on the project as much as possible.

Example:  WIP | nifWIP | kooooooooooooooooo

- One user can only have one personal theme in this section.

- All your work to exhibit in one previously created topic.

- Before creating a topic, use the search. Believe me, all your questions have long been painted.

- Topic title must match the following format: WIP | your nickname

Example: WIP | CrAsssH

- If your topic was closed, then you already have a previously created topic, continue it. A list of your topics can be found at this  link.

- Apply settings and screenshots of the scene to emerging issues, this will speed up the resolution of the issue.

- If you just want to hear comments on the work, without displaying the progress of the work on the project, then you need to create a topic in the section For entry-level works. Before creating a topic in this section, please read the  rules.


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